The Walkers

Steve was Julie's drug dealer, and were soon married after only 3 months of meeting. In 2004 they both came to know the Lord on an intimate level, being baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. The journey to healing from drug abuse and all it entails began.

Collectively they've been delivered from depression, anxiety, pornography, adultery, bipolar, anger, suicide, poverty, and so much more. Their journey to freedom started in 2004, but took a major turn in 2013 when they gained a different understanding of their authority and identity in Christ. Steve has now been ministering to others for ten years, and Julie since 2010.

After 4 miscarriages, they now have 4 children: Jayden, Abby, Aaron & Ezekiel. The family loves to worship and get into the presence of God.

Steve and Julie minister in a prophetic flow revealing what the Lord had told them during ministry. This can be extremely healing because people realize just how much God LOVES them and wants to heal them in whatever area was revealed during ministry.

Jayden is 17 and has strong discernment. He can feel what is happening in the atmosphere, but hasn't quite learned how to process that yet.

Abby is 15 and is very passionate. She loves and she loves deeply. This is only a gift God could have placed inside of her.

Aaron & Ezekiel are only 2.5, but Aaron already displays prophetic giftings and Ezekiel is extremely discerning. The twins also love to pray for people by laying their hands on them and saying "in Jesus name".