The Great Commission

The Great Commission is all about every one of us going into all of the world to spread the Gospel of Jesus - and so is EKLSiA.

Who We Are

EKLSiA is a community of believers passionate about spreading news about Jesus, worshiping and honoring him, and encouraging fellow believers.

Who You Are

You were thoughtfully designed, you are loved, and you are called. No matter who you are, you are called to share eternal life to a dying world. Don't worry - He's got you!

All for Jesus

It's our main goal in life to know Jesus and to make Him known - outside the box.  We don't fit in a normal mold, but rather, we desire to forsake our old man by repenting of our sins, coming into our new identity in Christ, and then sharing that wonderful news to the ends of the earth.

We love telling people that someone actually loved them enough to die for their sins so they didn't have to spend forever after a lifetime in a burning fire. We are always encouraging folks to step out of their boxes - church, politics, religion, denomination, doctrine, or any other factor holding them back from their true calling as expressed in the Great Commission and true identity. We were all born to be worshipers, Jesus-sharers, preachers, evangelists, and the list goes on.


Fill the world with disciples

What Next?

We're so glad to have the privilege of having you here! To learn more about the work of some of our brothers and sisters at EKLSiA, who faithfully minister in all corners of the world, click "Our Work."